Dr. Ahmed Gadallah Orthopedic Surgeon

dr. Ahmed Gadallah

Extensive Orthopedic Experience & Innovative Approach with High Success Rate

Dr. Ahmed Gadallah brings a decade of unwavering dedication to the field of orthopedics. His multifaceted experience spans orthopedic clinics, trauma centers, and operating rooms, allowing him to master the art of understanding patient needs and delivering precise diagnoses with compassion. Specializing in Lower Limb and Sports Injuries, Dr. Ahmed has garnered recognition for his exceptional care, with international athletes seeking his expertise and embassies entrusting their citizens to the Cairo clinic.

Dr. Ahmed’s reputation has soared due to his ability to identify surgical solutions in cases where others have faltered. His global standing in managing complex sports injuries and trauma cases has made him a go-to expert, frequently referred to by orthopedic colleagues. Despite his well-established expertise, he remains committed to ongoing research and development in his field.


Dr. Ahmed’s commitment to perpetual learning drives his passion for mastering new techniques and advancing arthroplasty and limb reconstruction surgeries, all while prioritizing research activities:


Medical Degrees

Courses and Conferences



Police Authority Hospitals

Major Doctor in Orthopedic Department

Performing surgeries, including 10 to 15 cases weekly, ranging from trauma and sports injuries to arthroplasty. Conducting weekly orthopedic clinic examinations and case evaluations. Providing support in the Emergency Department for 24 - 48 hours per week.


Private Clinic

Orthopedic specialist

Treating patients with orthopedic conditions, including cases of tendinopathy and joint arthritis using prolotherapy. Performing necessary surgeries and offering comprehensive follow-up care.


Al-Rahma New Hospital

Head of Orthopedic Department

Managing the orthopedic medical team and overseeing orthopedic clinics. Performing orthopedic surgeries when required. Consulting and participating in decision-making processes for orthopedic cases.


6th of October University Hospital

Orthopedic specialist

Participating in orthopedic clinics and performing surgeries. Active involvement in monthly case presentation meetings.


Al-Safwa Hospital

Orthopedic resident

Providing initial care to orthopedic trauma patients. Consulting with orthopedic specialists or consultants. Offering post-operative care and follow-up for admitted patients.

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