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What is Arthroplasty?

Many types of arthritis might affect your joints. The most common reason for arthroplasty is called degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis, which is a loss of the cartilage or cushion in a joint. When medical treatments no longer effectively relieve joint pain and disability, arthroplasty might be the solution. During this process, the surgeon can restore the joint by resurfacing the bones, and a prosthesis (artificial joint) might also be used. Hip, knee, and shoulder replacements are common types of arthroplasty. Joint replacement therapy and arthroplasty are the same procedure, however, the term ‘joint replacement’ often scares people, which is why many surgeons use the term arthroplasty instead. Nowadays, most arthroplasty surgeries are minimally invasive, during which the doctor only has to make small incisions for removing and replacing damaged joint materials.

What happens during arthroplasty surgery?

Arthroplasty surgery might be done while you are asleep under general anesthesia or while you are awake using spinal anesthesia. Each procedure may vary but the general process is the following:

What is recovery like after arthroplasty surgery?

People who have had arthroplasty surgery can still have active, functional lifestyles.

What may help during recovery?

Patient Stories

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Dr. Ahmed Gadallah has extensive experience in arthroplasty. Due to his innovative approach, he completed dozens of operations successfully.