Dr. Ahmed Gadallah Orthopedic Surgeon

Limb Fracture

Why you may need surgery for a fracture?

Fractures or broken bones are one of the most common problems seen and treated by orthopedic doctors. The severity of the fracture mostly depends on the force that caused the break. If the bone’s breaking point has been exceeded only slightly,  the bone might just crack instead of breaking all the way through. If the force is extreme, such as that caused by a car crash, the bone may shatter. While a huge number of fractures may heal with casting or another type of immobilization, many other fractures will require surgery. Bone fracture surgical repair is performed when a broken bone can’t heal properly with splinting, casting, or bracing alone. Internal fixation is one of the most common types of fracture surgery, where broken pieces of bone are placed back in the right position using surgical screws, rods, pins, or plates.

What types of treatment methods can heal a fracture?

The doctor will likely use an X-ray to verify the diagnosis of the fracture. The treatment ways can be the following based on the type of fracture:

What is recovery like after limb fracture surgery?

Depending on the severity of the injury and how well you follow the surgeon’s advice, fractures take several weeks to several months to heal.

How can you prevent some fractures?

Dr. Ahmed Gadallah has extensive experience in limb fracture surgery. He completed hundreds of operations successfully based on the most updated techniques.